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( Words by Intern Aila Trasi )




When hospitality is an Art.


The first feeling I had when arriving in Tainan was a warm welcome by the local people. I had the feeling that people actually wanted to help you without receiving anything in exchange for it.




For someone who travels a lot as me, and who has experienced different types of trips, this is something that should never be taken as granted and that will make your journey start in actually one of the best ways possible.




Tainan culture is wide but local, ancient but innovative at the same time. This city is the true heart of Taiwan island and after seeing also Taipei and Kaohsiung I think it encloses the very deep soul of this beautiful country.


Jia Jia West-market hotel.jpg


There would be so much to say about Tainan and its blooming reality that I decided to start from the core of what will be my activity in this city: Jia Jia at West Market Hotel. This hotel is a symbol of Tainanese way of thinking and it is a huge opportunity for outsiders to get to know Taiwan’s culture, art, design and food. Jia jia surprised me from the very first time I entered that place, because it makes you experience and live what you will visit in the city from a high-quality perspective that mixes tradition with modernism, keeping an eye on setting outstanding standards of living and hospitality.




Jia jia, that in chinese language means home and family, has actually its guests experiencing a type of non-home, which is called like that because of the subtle relationship between the hotel itself, art and Tainan’s culture: this three elements are not common in ordinary life at home, resulting therefore in an experience which is far from the place we would call home. I found this concept by Jia Jia really intriguing and – let’s say it – non-traditional at the very same time. It made me greedy to know about the experience the hotel provides and it makes me glad of having chosen to have my internship in Hotel Management, so that I can transmit Jia-Jia’s purpose and values to its customers, after having mastered them myself.




Maybe I will embrace Tainan’s warm hospitality, or maybe I’m still not ready for it. For sure until now I can tell I found the perfect place for learning it and I can’t wait to the time I will be a promoter of this culture and tradition that made me feel at home even without having the aim to do it.


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