The reason to have this trip to Ling-nan was for a project cooperating with JiaJiaWest. We wanted to make a local tour in Ling-nan, and redefining the value of Ling-nan with locals. This project is still going on, and we hope it would be an happy ending.




  The process of discussing and negociating was very difficult. It was not only about the communication of RTM, JiaJiaWest, and the community association, but the most important, the locals. The attitude of locals was truly the key of this project. We hoped that it could be a long-term, even a sustainable plan of Ling-nan area, instead of a one-time road trip.




  Besides, we didn’t have any former cases to follow. Everything we were doing was totally the newest, so we had to consider any incident it may occurred. Its profit, its value, its risk about communitydeveloping or even safety of participants.


13517622_1167980969919903_7163181121122164386_o (1).jpg


  We designed a tour of seeing sunrise, mixed with local culture. The participants had to carry Taiwanese carrying-pole and lanterns to the top of the mountain to see sunrise, and had a picnic as well. It sounded romantic, but the road in Ling-nan were small and meander, and we often missed or treaded snakes too.




  The trip in Ling-nan really started form the buttom, the tour guide, content of guiding, food or even place to stay. The members of our team were exhausted in this few weeks, but it was a good chance for us to handle such an important and difficult project. Keep calm and moving on!




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