Why people like to visit old streetsFor its popularity and food, for the closer distance from big cities, and for the shorter length of stay. But, what’s the real “old-street” style Let’s talk about the inside of Daxi old street.






    The style of Daxi’s building is multivariated, combining Baroque style and traditional Taiwanese design and pattern. And the good news is, most old buildings are protected well. However, stories of buildings can’t compare with food in Daxi old street, that’s what visitors think. So that’s why we wanted to combine these two elements together, creating a mini-tour of food and buildings.




    Recently, there are more and more youth coming back to Daxi, launching many events like old buildings re-engineering, local and arts exhibition. Daxi is getting better and better.




    The key of this mini-tour was food plating. All we wanted to do was plating the special image of Daxi old street by using local food. So at first, the tour focused on the culture and food on heping street, then extending to other areas of Daxi. This helped participants get more imagination of the following of food plating.




    The place we did food plating was Sinnan 12, one of the best old building re-engineering in Daxi. The participants were separated to two group, completing two totally different dishes with their special style and meaning.





   No matter the dishes would be like, they were  participants' best image of Daxi, not just about food or something skin-deep, but about participants' feeling of this old street.





We thought that was what really wanted to do, to change the stereotype of Daxi, or any old street in Taiwan.




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